Smile, You’re on Camera!

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Having a home security system is increasingly common, if not necessary. From cameras and sound systems that monitor the inside of your home down to the incredibly popular camera doorbell, home safety is not something to be overlooked. But how do these safety precautions factor into a sale? Can having a preexisting camera on your home affect a purchase, and is this something buyers should be aware of?

Privacy is important, especially when buying or selling a home. If you are the one selling a pre-equipped home, you will want to know that in the state of Wisconsin it is currently legal to leave your video and surveillance equipment on during a showing. The law does not require your agent to disclose that you have any cameras, making it easier for you to keep an eye on your personal belongings during an open house.

As a buyer, there are plenty of things to discuss before you arrive at a closing date, and making sure that you are able to comfortably discuss this information with your family and REALTOR® should be a priority. It can be hard to find the space you need to talk while inside a home that you are looking at, especially if there are cameras. This can even be an issue outside the home if there is an outdoor surveillance system. If you are looking to buy a home that has indoor and outdoor cameras, make sure that you take any and all conversations regarding the home you are looking at off the premises. Even if you think someone turned off their video cameras or may not be meaning to listen in, there is still a chance that they can see and hear you. When you enter a home, act as though the seller is there with you, and keep anything that you would not want them to hear to yourself until you are in private. This means not only avoiding pointing out features that you dislike about a home, but those you love as well. Allowing the seller to potentially hear all of your thoughts about a home, positive or negative, could greatly impact your ability to purchase for your ideal price!

When buying or selling a home, be sure that you know exactly what to expect from an open house. While surveillance cameras are a great tool for keeping your home and family safe, they are something you should try to keep an eye out for during a showing, and ensure that anything you say while on the seller’s property is something that you would be comfortable with them hearing. Until you have had a closing day, going to an open house is still visiting someone else’s property, and sellers are more than welcome to their own home safety needs. If you have questions about what is best for your future open house, reach out to your Shorewest, REALTOR® to gain a deeper understanding of best practices when entering the real estate market. 

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